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The Illusion of Technology

Once upon a time, man looked up at the stars, sensing his finiteness and the eternal nature and majesty of God in those stars, he is humbled by such a God.

Today, we have telescopes, astrophysics and the like. No star is too far to grasp it seems. With technology, God doesn’t seem big anymore. Either God got smaller, or we got bigger.

Then every now and then, disaster strikes, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes etc. All our tech seems defeated. The illusion is shattered for a while. We realize our finitude.

Only to say, we will overcome by technology. And willingly veil our eyes with illusion once again.

A friend of mine asked this question on facebook after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And the resulting nuclear plant meltdown….

“Can technology save us?”

No, it can’t!


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A Chance Encounter with an Iraqi – And how i Freaked Out

Was just about to get into my car. Someone shouted to me in an unmistakable arabic accent.

“Friend…where are you going?”

I could muster only one answer… “Out”.


He asked for a lift somewhere, so i agreed, reluctantly to be honest.

In the car, he told me he was from Iraq. At first I thot he said Iran (i’ve had at least one Iranian acquaintance in the past). He proceeded to emphasize that he was from IRAQ not IRAN. After he said that, it seemed like he was waiting for a shock response from me. I said, “Iraq, oh, that’s interesting” and then quickly changed the subject to how he found Malaysia so far.

After dropping him off, i realized that i really freaked out. Why? Prejudice i’d say. I think of Iraq and i think of war and militant religious extremists. (He did come off as rather boorish…but in a polite way…(?))

He’s a human being just like me. I should have thought of him as that first and foremost. Hopefully, the act of giving him a lift would have made some difference to this man…this fellow man.

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Disillusioned with the Church as a Full-Time Christian Worker?

Here’s hope…


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What Are Human Rights?

Watched this at church today.

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There With Me

In June 2008, I fell and fractured my left arm (left radius bone to be precise) during a trip to Sarawak. To have my arm and hands immobilized was very difficult for me. The thought that the use of my hands will never be the same again made it even worse.

Minutes before i was wheeled in for surgery, so happened that I was left outside the operating theater briefly. As i laid there on the bed alone – feeling anxious, fearful, groggy and chilly (because i was wearing nothing but one of those operation gowns) – my eyes fell on a picture hanging on a wall nearby. I felt comfort and peace, teary-eyed as i silently let myself be wheeled into the operating room. I felt He was speaking. Reminding me of His presence.  Since that day, I’ve been searching for that picture.

After three years, i found it…

He was there with me.

“When I awake, I am still with You” ~ Psalm 139:18b

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Comment, Egypt

Read this great briefing in TIME Magazine (week beginning Feb 14). Concerning the recent protests in Egypt.

By Zoher Abdoolcarim.

Since the atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001, Arabs have sometimes been categorized by those outside their region as incomprehensible and, of course, dangerous. Yet the eruption of the Arab street, from Tunisia to Egypt to Jordan to Yemen (so far), reveals another narrative. The antigovernment protesters are expressing not extremist rage but righteous anger. The enemy targeted is not the West but authoritarianism at home. The call is not for global jihad but for freedom, justice and dignity — the very “universal values” Barack Obama cites. It’s too much to hope that neat new democracies will emerge anytime soon — the Middle East is far too volatile and complex a region for anyone to bet on that. And the vicious clashes in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Feb. 2 between those for and against Hosni Mubarak show how ugly and unpredictable any revolution — or attempt at one — can get. Still, the violence should not bury the core message of the millions who yearn for change: We aspire to what all humanity wants. We are not the Other. We are you.

Read more:,9171,2045911,00.html#ixzz1Di8uq3r0

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Sorta Dunno Nothin’

This is quite funny.

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